Archive for February 2021

Cristina “Tina” Morales: Using conflict as a key towards connection —  All of us want to have a healthy relationship with our significant others, but ...View Details

Bryon Jennings: Critiquing Dave Ramsey’s 7 step financial plan — A champion of financial empowerment and wealth-building, Bryon Jennings has become a ...View Details

Lydia Camarillo: Honoring the legacy of an icon —  This month we celebrate not only #BlackHistoryMonth but the birthday of one of America’s treasures,...View Details

Richard Martinez: Transforming Minds and Actions through Messaging —  Current leadership in the United States has the dual challenge of unifying the c...View Details

Pierre Campbell: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion and Self Advocacy —  Leadership coach Pierre Campbell is on a mission to bring out the best in othe...View Details

Alexis Scott: How her family’s newspaper shaped Atlanta and America Founded in 1928 by W.A. Scott, the Atlanta Daily World became the first successful...View Details

Dr. Stacy Roberson: An Introduction to Dyscalculia —  Dyscalculia is an unknown math learning disability. Many students refer to their struggles in ma...View Details

The Wages of Blackness

Dr. Richard Reddick: Cultural Taxation and Its Impact on Black Professionals —  When handling issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, mentorship, a...View Details

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