Lydia Camarillo: Honoring the legacy of an icon — 

This month we celebrate not only #BlackHistoryMonth but the birthday of one of America’s treasures, Congressman John Lewis. Join Ramona in this fascinating interview with Lydia Camarillo, who discusses the little known legacy of John Lewis—his role in building the political power of the Latino/a community. As Lydia explains, “Congressman John Lewis taught us how to empower ourselves.” Using the Empowerment Model, Congressman Lewis showed local Latino communities how to organize and mobilize themselves to participate in American democracy. “Congressman John Lewis was a giant among us…The way we honor him is by building upon his rich legacy.”

Lydia Camarillo is President of the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP), which is based in San Antonio, Texas, the city Lydia makes her home.

For more information about Lydia and SVREP, please visit:

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