Russell Gunn: Unveiling the Wonders of the African Diaspora through The Royal Krunk Jazz Orchestra - 

Sacred music and the artists who create it are treasures within all cultures. Today Ramona talks to one of Atlanta’s treasures Russell Gunn. Listen to this enlightening conversation between Ramona and Russell as they explore the worlds of music and history, the African Diaspora, and his latest CD “The Sirius Mystery.” Russell discusses his musical journey and how he discovered and reclaimed the hidden history of the Dogons. Russell Gunn is a composer, arranger and musician and founder and director of the contemporary big band The Royal Krunk Jazz Orchestra. Born in Chicago and raised in East St. Louis, Illinois, Russell currently makes Atlanta his home.

To learn more about Russell Gunn, the Royal Krunk Jazz Orchestra, and to purchase their latest CD “The Sirius Mystery,” visit

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