Dr. Niccole Bruno: Transforming the culture of veterinary medicine through BLEND — 

Veterinary medicine is the least diverse medical profession in the country, which is not reflective of pet ownership. Many veterinary professionals work in hospitals where there is only one doctor of color and/or person of color. A lack of diversity within veterinary medicine impacts the ability of veterinary professionals to educate their clientele of diverse backgrounds. This leads to a lapse in patient care. As an Afro-Latina veterinarian, Dr. Niccole Bruno is on a mission to change this reality. Join the conversation as Ramona talks to Dr. Bruno, the CEO & Founder of BLEND, a veterinary hospital certification program designed to train veterinary teams in DEI&B; not only in context but in daily application in their hospital culture. Originally from Queens, New York, Dr. Bruno currently resides in Houston, Texas.

To learn more about Dr. Niccole Bruno and BLEND, visit http://www.blend.vet.

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