Archive for January 2022

Kimberly Greene: Celebrating African American history through BLACK —  There are so many ways to honor and memorialize African American history, and R...View Details

Lovell Hooks: A lifelong champion of jazz —  Jazz is America’s classical music. Join the conversation as Ramona discusses jazz with radio personality ...View Details

Rep. Donna McLeod: Encouraging citizens to participate in their government —  The mid-term elections are right around the corner. Part of social respo...View Details

Dr. Abel Bartley: Championing history to avoid repeating the past —  African Americans and people of color represent tremendous potential, which is no...View Details

Ricki Fairley: Raising awareness through TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance —  Like many health disparities, African American women disproportion...View Details

Marlon Addison: Fueling Fatherhood —  There is nothing like having a loving and devoted father. That is just what Marlon Addison is. Join Ramona for M...View Details

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