Archive for June 2021

Stephanie Lopez: Harnessing the power and impact of LatinasRepresent Although Latinos make up nearly 20% of the US population, they hold less than 2% ...View Details

Jasmine Stevenson: Using dance as a tool to build healthy kids In the art of dance nothing comes easy. Dance teaches the discipline to never give up. ...View Details

Dr. Adriana Ayala: The Chicana Latina Foundation, creating scholars and leaders Ramona and her classmate Dr. Adriana Ayala explore the importance of e...View Details

Dominique Vitalis: Helping others to create a mindset for financial prosperity Financial freedom starts with having the right mindset and then seeking...View Details

Women in Film-Making

Virginia Diaz Laughlin: Encouraging women to pursue their dreams in the film industry For more than 30 years, Virginia Diaz-Laughlin has broken barrie...View Details

Stephanie Lang: The power of telling your stories —  Ramona talks to Stephanie Lang about the importance and power of African Americans and people of ...View Details

Dr. Herman Turner: Serving with passion, empathy and cultural competency —  In this episode, Ramona talks to Dr. Herman Turner about health disparitie...View Details

Paula McClain: Be mindful of “Diversity Theater” —  As a result of the “awakening” on racial injustice and disparities sparked by last year’s murder o...View Details

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