Archive for April 2021

Dr. Robin Chapdelaine: How children have been used as economic vehicles —  In this episode Ramona talks to Dr. Robin Chapdelaine about her recently pu...View Details

Michael Neal: Exploring current challenges and opportunities for community colleges —  Community colleges play an important role in educating unique p...View Details

Blanca Vargas: Leading with purpose, passion and compassion —  Helping others is what community activism is all about. Blanca Vargas exemplifies this ...View Details

Robert Jackson: Encouraging others to lead with heart, love and compassion —  With the rise of hate and violence and the surge of voter suppression la...View Details

Dr. Carolyne Opinde: Enhancing the work of nonprofits through The NGO Whisperer — Nonprofits focus on solving social challenges; however, many lack di...View Details

Victoria Archable: Helping families with important decisions about senior care —  There are distinct differences among the various types of care facil...View Details

Tracey Greene-Washington: Inspiring others through transformation —  Today Ramona talks to Tracey Greene-Washington about her new book Choosing Purpos...View Details

Dr. Garrick White: The importance of adults investing in youth —  Many people believe that today’s youth have no direction nor purpose. Dr. Garrick Wh...View Details

Gabriel Vaca: Making a big impact within the Latino Community —  Developing Latino leadership, growing Latino businesses, and promoting diversity have...View Details

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