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Let’s Finish Strong!

Vote Rafael Warnock and Jon Ossoff for US Senate —  Georgia is now in an important runoff election for two US Senate seats. More than ever, the Africa...View Details

Bryon Jennings: Critiquing Dave Ramsey’s 7 step financial plan —  A champion of financial empowerment and wealth building, Bryon Jennings will be a re...View Details

Judith Martinez Sadri: Embracing your power to build a better society —  Stereotypes disrupt many of our lives, causing discomfort, pain and anger. Ma...View Details

Managing Transitions

Sabrina Jenkins: How do you pivot during times of change? — There is only one condition that is constant in life, and that is change. Although change ...View Details

Derek Hubbard: Finding and Using Your Voice — In our current environment, individuals can no longer remain silent about the social issues that challen...View Details

What are the strategies that colleges and universities can institute to increase the graduation rates of Black and Brown students? – Complete College ...View Details

Mariela Romero: Embracing change – Everyone has experienced moments of crisis in life. For most of us, these can be very challenging times. After endu...View Details

Dr. Cynthia Orozco: The life and legacy of Adela Sloss-Vento – Join Ramona as she talks to fellow historian Dr. Cynthia Orozco about her new book Agen...View Details

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