Archive for November 2020

Monique Russell: Being comfortable in your own voice –  Most of us aspire to exert more power over our personal and professional lives, but do we reco...View Details

Elisa Lagrange: Empowering women to Achieve their Dreams — Success is all about mindset. Elisa Lagrange is on a mission to help women to operate in th...View Details

Marlon Addison: The Four Pillars of Emotional Intelligence and Why They are Important to Your Success — Emotional Intelligence (EI) is important to pe...View Details

“Ari’s DreamWorld”: How to spark imagination in children — Imagination is key to achieving your dreams. Eleven-year-old Ari Perrymond is sparking the ...View Details

Michelle DeGrate: Dispelling myths about philanthropy within diverse communities – As recent studies have shown, the philanthropic sector lacks divers...View Details

Michelle Dionne Thompson: Learning How to Listen to and Embrace Your Inner Voice As a professional coach, Michelle Dionne Thompson understands the val...View Details

Christine Ortega: Exploring the Principles and Practices of Servant Leaders Having operated in multiple leadership roles for over three decades, Chris...View Details

Dr. Troy Harden: Black and Brown Racial and Social Justice Community Efforts Professor Troy Harden discusses his work as an educator and community act...View Details

Ramona Houston on Why African Americans and - specifically - African American Men, Must Vote and Vote for Biden As America enters the final days of th...View Details

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