Archive for October 2020

Jesus Martinez: Understanding the Difference between Commercial Lending and Traditional Lending Today Ramona talks to Jesus Martinez about his work in...View Details

Hector Montenegro, Ed.D.: The Four Threads of an Equitable Transformational Educational Leader Today Ramona talks to Hector Montenegro, Ed.D., about e...View Details

Roy S. Johnson: On the Front Lines from Sports to Social Justice Today Ramona explores the fascinating journalism career of Roy S. Johnson. In their c...View Details

Bryon Jennings: Challenging Belief Systems about Wealth In this enthralling conversation, Ramona talks to Bryon Jennings, who will be a regular guest ...View Details

How do you build an effective team? Today, Ramona’s guest Giovanni Gonzalez discusses how he helps individuals and companies to elevate their performa...View Details

How do you develop the next generation of Latina executives? Considering the fact that Latinas account for only 3% of all professionals and executives...View Details

How do you plan for safe, quality care for elderly loved ones? Today, Ramona talks to Victoria Archable, Owner, Certified Senior Advisor, and Certifie...View Details

How has the civil unrest of 2020 impacted leadership? Today Ramona talks to Sylvia Puente about the civil unrest of 2020 and how the movement has infl...View Details

Creating Equitable Partnerships to Solve Social Challenges Ramona's guest in this episode is Tracey Greene-Washington, who talks about her leadership ...View Details

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