Archive for September 2020

The Value and Impact of Urban Forestry Today, Ramona talks to her cousin Dr. Eboni Hall about urban forestry. In this enlightening conversation Dr. Ha...View Details

Ramona’s 94-Year-Old Grandmother Continues to Pursue Education In this episode, Ramona celebrates her grandmother Izora Jones, who turned 94 years old...View Details

Litigating for the Latino Community and Linking up the Puerto Rican LGBTQ+ Community Today, Ramona talks to Ricardo Negron-Almodovar about his work wi...View Details

Shifting the Philanthropy Conversation at Predominately White Colleges and Universities Today Ramona explores philanthropy and alumni giving in higher...View Details

The Assistance Animals Consulting Racial and Social Justice Impact Initiative Today, Ramona talks with her sister Rhesa Houston, DVM, about why and ho...View Details

Championing Hispanic Success in Higher Education In this captivating conversation, Ramona talks to Sandra “Sandy” Holt about the incredible work of th...View Details

Building Businesses and Empowering Women Today Ramona talks to Suzette Arnold, President of the Jamaican Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta. Suzette discu...View Details

How a Rural Family Overcame Obstacles to Build a Funeral Home Business In this episode, Ramona explores the funeral home business with Elliot Kirk of ...View Details

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